UPack is a technology-neutral packaging platform that allows you to uniformly distribute your applications and components across environments to enable consistent deployment and testing.


Package your applications and components directly from the Visual Studio Extension or the Jenkins Plug-in, or using free and open-source tools including the Universal Package Explorer or the cross-platform UPack Command-line Interface.


Include any metadata, such as git branch name or commit-id, or customer-specific package information; or even extend the package format itself for delivering content and features within your own applications and services using UPackLib.NET or the API.


Distribute your packages securely, to any number of clients and endpoints using ProGet’s universal feeds, or simply store them on disk or a network share. Use virtual packages to mix-and-match other packages and external content to simplify and standardize distribution.


Deploy your packages to servers and the cloud with BuildMaster, or use the UPack Command-line Interface to install them on workstation or server. Alternatively, use the UPackLib.NET library or open specifications to deploy, install, or configure packages as your application demands.


Discover which packages have been installed on a machine with upack or UPackLib.NET to see where the package came from, which tool installed it, and which user triggered the deployment. Universal Packages also have a built-in audit history that lets you track changes or repackaging back to the source.

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