Manage All of Your Packages in One Place

Applications & Components

Use Universal Packages to uniformly distribute your applications and components, and Docker images for your containerized software.

Developer Libraries

Share pre-built and pre-tested code between development teams, whether you’re using C#/.NET (NuGet), JavaScript/NodeJS (npm), Ruby (Gems), or Java (Maven).

System Software & Configuration

Manage third-party Windows software (Chocolatey), PowerShell packages / DSC resources, and Linux packages (RPM/Yum and Debian/apt).

Organize and Curate Internal & External Packages

Create any number of feeds to organize and distribute your packages to different groups or even to external customers.

Combine multiple feeds – both internal and external – with connectors so that consumers need only one feed and can access external packages even when the external feed is unavailable.

Scan and Validate Open-source Packages

Avoid costly open-source license violations by defining licensing policies that ProGet will use to block non-compliant packages.

Scan packages for vulnerabilities and block access to those deemed too risky or unsafe based on rules you configure.

Promote packages between feeds to ensure that only approved and verified packages are used in the right environments, such as production.

Deploy Your Packages & Track Their Use

Deploy your application and component packages to servers and the cloud by integrating BuildMaster’s reusable workflows that automate testing, deployments, and if necessary, rollback.

ProGet records deployments from other tools as well, including Otter, Octopus Deploy, or even your own custom scripts, so you can see which packages were deployed to which servers.

Use package statistics to see which users and servers are accessing which packages so you can make informed decisions on updating or retiring development libraries, scripts, or other types of packages.

Configure webhooks to trigger automatic deployments, alters, or even audit activity when packages are added, promoted, deployed, and deleted.

Build a Dependable Infrastructure on Your Servers or the Cloud

Add as many web server nodes as you need to load balance traffic from various teams and build servers around the world.

Leverage Amazon S3 or Azure Blob storage for inexpensive, pay-as-you-go scaling of your package file storage.

Replicate feeds among different ProGet instances across the globe to allow different teams to share feeds without setting up complicated, global infrastructure.

Use ProGet’s high availability mode to ensure there is no single point of failure, and that your packages can be accessed even if there’s a hardware failure.

All of our products are built using the same, reliable technology components.

ProGet Overview

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