Derivco designs, develops, and supports trailblazing technology for suppliers in the online gambling vertical.

How ProGet Made it Possible for Derivco to Easily Move 79,000 Packages & 830GB of Data Across 5 Continents

79,000 Packages in use

800+ GB of total information

9 hosting sites around the world

Unique business requirements

Founded in 1996, Derivco designs, develops, and supports trailblazing technology for suppliers in the online gambling vertical. Its work contributes to the products of many of the most well-known gaming brands in the world, including Microgaming and Prima Networks.

To meet the demands of its global audience, the company maintains 9 hosting sites around the globe and has offices in South Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America.

The Challenge:

The complexity of online gaming software means Derivco must route massive amounts of information seamlessly around the world. In fact, some of its packages exceed 5GB in size. In addition, regulatory requirements force Dervico to maintain 100% of their infrastructure on-premises, with absolutely zero use of the cloud.

“The main Production feed sits at just over 800GB with 79,000 packages, with some exceeding 5GB. So really, you can see how this is a problem. How do we get these Packages around the world?”

Anton, DevOps Specialist at Derivco

The company had already used ProGet to eliminate the messy combination of 3 applications, multiple ports, and multiple operating systems it had been using to meet this need. But with that success came a new, unforeseen problem.

Traditionally, ProGet’s Replication feature would completely mirror packages in a feed; a change in one ProGet feed automatically triggered a completely faithful rendering in another ProGet feed. However, Derivco needed to distribute its packages from a central location out to different hosting sites around the world – without getting any of those hosting sites’ packages back.

In other words, Dervico needed all of ProGet’s distribution ability, but entirely stripped of the replication features which had always been indivisible from it.

The Solution

Derivco reached out to Inedo and explained their unique situation. They found Inedo’s team ready and able to work with them, in a one-on-one capacity, to alter ProGet’s core functionality to meet their business requirements.

“From what we’ve learned through this whole journey is to speak to Inedo. Tell Inedo your problems; take it over to the guys who understand what actually has to happen in the background.”

Anton, DevOps Specialist at Derivco

In the end, Inedo’s engineers were able to expand the capabilities of the replication feature. Today, the software offers users three different Replication settings – Push, Pull, and Mirror requests – to meet companies’ specific data transfer needs.

With the new feature in place, Derivco was able to get everything they need to move gigantic applications around the world quickly and easily, and all while maintaining a 100% on-premises infrastructure environment.

Overall Results

Business Value Created:

  • Ability to seamlessly move huge applications around the world
  • Functionality to distribute packages to hosting sites without getting any packages in return
  • 100% regulatory compliance

Increased Operational Efficiency:

  • Single application: No need to maintain multiple applications/services
  • Replication is fast and efficient
  • No duplication of packages at hosting sites
  • Easy to setup: URL and Port required only

Customer Experience and Peace of Mind:

  • Gained trust in Inedo’s dedication to listening to customers
  • Experienced one-on-one commitment to improved software and UX for all customers
  • Can expect reliable delivery of service and communications now and in the future
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