ProGet 5.2 – is Released!

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Download ProGet 5.2

If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for ProGet 5.2.

Helm Chart Repositories

Helm helps you manage Kubernetes applications, and Helm Charts help you define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes application. ProGet v5.2 now supports Helm as a feed type, allowing you to manage all of your custom Helm charts in one place.

PyPI Repositories

As ProGet’s most requested feature, Python package support is now available.

Debian Feeds

Debian packages are familiar to anyone who has installed packages on Linux using apt. ProGet now offers the ability to store in-house Debian packages.

Feed Management API

Managing feeds and connectors in large ProGet installations is now much simpler with the Feed Management API, which allows feed creation, configuration, connector management, and much more.

ProGet v5 Roadmap

ProGet 5.2       ProGet 5.1       ProGet 5.0

Check out the Product Roadmap for past versions of ProGet.