Meet our Founder and CEO

Hi there,


I’m Alex, and I started Inedo back in 2007.

I didn’t really have a vision for where Inedo would go — I just knew that I was good at understanding requirements and writing code, and I was fortunate to know a bunch of like-minded developers who could help me out. Over the years, we picked up some exciting custom software projects for customers in all sorts of different business domains, got into developer training and process improvement, and soon after decided to build a software product of our own.

It wasn’t easy, and creating BuildMaster nearly bankrupted us. I spoke a bit about why in an interview with Scott Hanselman, but long story short: it’s a whole lot harder to build a software product than just writing code. But we’re definitely on the right track now, and the future for Inedo is clear and bright.

Oh, and if you’re ever frustrated with Inedo, want to say hi, or even chat about other opportunities, feel free to email (apapadimoulis at inedo) or call (direct/cell 440-391-1845).