BuildMaster Case Studies

Tags: buildmaster, automation, health care

WebMD implements a microservices architecture with BuildMaster, while maintaining compliance.

Tags: buildmaster, automation, otter

Opcalim Reduced Server Provisioning Time from One Month to Three Days & Deployments from Two Days to One Hour

Tags: buildmaster, automation, government

Ronin Software uses BuildMaster to eliminate deployment risk for their tightly regulated government clients

Tags: buildmaster, automation, health care

University of Colorado Health uses BuildMaster to scale exponential growth, and customize Epic health care software.

Tags: buildmaster, sharepoint, IT, automation, powershell

Reinventing processes with BuildMaster, finding critical solution in emerging SharePoint – BuildMaster usage.

Tags: buildmaster, web, scale, automation

BuildMaster’s focus on application configuration makes it ideal for scaling the automation of hundreds of applications.

Tags: buildmaster, IT, linux, automation

The striking benefits of BuildMaster from an IT, Linux perspective.

Tags: buildmaster, nuget, automation

Rezare enjoys exponential growth in automation with BuildMaster; invigorates their clients.

Tags: buildmaster, azure, cloud, automation

Cambria Consulting unlocks the potential of the cloud with BuildMaster

Release your Applications Reliably

BuildMaster allows you to start simple and then scale to thousands of servers and the cloud. Build a self-service release management platform by allowing different teams to manage their own applications and deploy to their own environments.

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