Enterprise gating lets you automate your manual processes with peace-of-mind

From legacy monoliths to containerized microservices, BuildMaster’s CI/CD pipelines, build cloning, and integrations let you release software consistently while working tightly with other DevOps tools you already use. BuildMaster’s gates ensure security and simplify auditing and compliance.

Maintain total uptime with instant package delivery and flawless load balancing

Never worry about outages or security risks from public repositories again. ProGet centralizes and secures access to your organization’s applications, components, and third-party packages and containers including NuGet, npm, PowerShell, Chocolatey, maven, Docker, and more, allowing you to more securely use the solutions you already love.

Provision servers effortlessly and eliminate configuration drift

Avoid the headache of unexpected bugs due to undocumented configuration changes. With Otter, define reusable server roles to provision servers, eliminate configuration drift, and instantly scale infrastructure while eliminating human error through automation.

Implementing and optimizing DevOps at your company can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Get actionable advice on best practices for important DevOps topics like hybrid cloud implementation, selecting the best tools for your business, and adopting the cultural aspects of DevOps.  
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